CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY, Life is one thing after another and just because the universe has already sent us one big stress, it doesn’t mean we won’t be hit with others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 5.45M people worldwide, rattling financial markets resulting thousands of death worldwide, with numbers still expected to raise. It is easy to surrender in the fear in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability however we should be a bit of optimism. We should better be prepared for how our collective future holds. Here are few tricks for navigating our anxiety -inducing world right now –

Different ways to ease your Coronavirus anxiety-NewsORB360

Know the certitude: We should always know the reality as it will help us to cope up in a better way. Know the facts even the disturbing ones as anxiety escalates and fantasies flourish in the lacking of information. Under stress, people are likely to think in a negative perspective rather than the positive ones. It’s our responsibility to pay attention to the right and correct source of information.

Refrain from shaming and blaming: It is always easy to blame something or somebody but in this realistic world, we should always know that we are in this together and we should always pay attention to solving the problem rather than blaming somebody.

Different ways to ease your Coronavirus anxiety-NewsORB360

Don’t be afraid to ask help: When you single-handedly think about any topic you’ll only get one perspective on the other hand more the people are, different the perspective is. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from somebody who is a clear-thinking person. You may choose not to follow the counseling you got, but it is always essential to have various perspectives.

Sometimes distraction is important: When it’s needed to distract your mind to let your fears calm down. Do something that sangfroid your mind for example by watching a good comedy series, cooking, gardening, or whatever you would love to do but didn’t have time to do so. Make phone calls whom you close to, chat with them it will connect you with people and disconnect from anxiety.

Different ways to ease your Coronavirus anxiety-NewsORB360

Don’t vamoose the self-care: The world will always going to be hectic as hell, but you need to calm down and slow down and engage yourself in a healthy and sustainable regular routine. It is always beneficial to do therapy, conversation, exercise, yoga, meditation, and spiritual talks or you can dance, sing, paint, or whatever suits you just to find a little piece of peace.

Different ways to ease your Coronavirus anxiety-NewsORB360

Don’t let fear and anxiety became pandemics, too: In this time where the world has changed and amidst coronavirus pandemic it is necessary to handle our own stress and not to pass it to others. Another name of life is change and this is what we are going through but we should always remember, it is still possible to move head straight up with love and hope.

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