Depression: How to kill the demon inside your mind?

Most people assume that depression is a trivial mental condition. But what’s commonly ignored is the heightened rate of people falling prey to this complex disease each year. This demon that crawls inside our minds begins to control each part of the brain, slowly yet gravely.

Several cases of suicide, anxiety and psychiatric problems like Schizophrenia are highly common in terms of depression. If you want to stamp out this major mental condition, read this article very carefully!

Rebel for a cause

Depression avails itself in an array of forms. Bipolar disorder that triggers major mood swings and energy or Perinatal depression that occurs before and after pregnancy are only some of the many forms of depression prevalent today.

While millions of people fall victim to this excruciating disease daily, the fact that only 1 in 5 people are able to receive treatment properly is heart-wrenching.

The app that warns you!


Depression cannot be analyzed easily. By the time, some of us even figure it out, it goes too far. But thanks to the latest technology, that we can now detect the symptoms of depression only by using a smart tool on our electronic devices.

Mindstrong Health is an app monitors your smartphone behaviour to identify the symptoms of depression. By smartphone behaviour, I mean the way you tap, type or scroll through different apps.

This app isn’t a substitute for psychiatrists. Instead, it is more of an emotional supporter. It potentially predicts this complex disease by testing your emotional and cognitive health and transmits the results to your doctor. This helps you combat relapses at regular intervals.

Mindstrong Health can map out the signs of depression as well as schizophrenia, anxiety and even substance abuse. So, if you’ve been in a dilemma whether the witch named depression has cast its spell on you, this latest technology has come to your rescue.

Crawl out of the hole you put yourself in

Depression might sound like a usual mental illness but it is a lot more than that. According to a study by WHO, globally more than 300 million people suffer from depression and the devastating truth is that it’s almost impossible to ignore depression.

Although depression comes in many forms and each of them is different from the other, these 4 natural saviours can work wonders for all of them!

1. Combat the negativity


When you are depressed, negative thoughts overshadow your happiness. In such a state, you must take the initiative to kill the negativity that preys on your mind.

Do something you love. Watch your favourite comedy show. Speak to someone you admire. Boost your hobbies and engage yourself in something exciting.

By engaging yourself in your favourite activities, you allow negative thoughts to take a backseat while your mind is being filtered by the happy moments. Dancing, writing, reading can also help you let out the emotional burden.

2. Set up a routine


One of the most effective ways of conquering your distress and depression is to set up a regular routine. A routine will schedule activities for you throughout the day, which ultimately refrain you from all the darkness and negative thoughts.

Play with a pet or go for a walk. You can always read a book in order to take your mind off dismal things. Cooking also served favourable in order to overcome depression. Solving a puzzle, trying on an intricate nail-art and working out in the gym are some of the additional activities you can add to your daily routine.

3. Improve your lifestyle


Having an improper diet and getting inadequate sleep can be major mood spoilers. It is always suggested to eat good quality food in appropriate amounts because as it’s said ‘food always lifts up the mood!’ A hungry stomach can prove very dangerous to a depressed person as hunger may ignite anger and irritation. So, make sure you keep a check on your diet to restore your good health.

Having a sound sleep is another add-on to the list. Without adequate sleep, you cannot improve your lifestyle. A sound sleep of about 5-6 hours also gives enough rest to your brain which will help it cope with the daily stress.

4. Consult a therapist


It’s not always possible to deal with depression by yourself. If the situations seem to be slipping out of your hand, there’s no shame in consulting a therapist. Depression is a disease just like fever and cough. So, it’s always wise to consult one on time before it’s too late.

Although depression is a demonic illness, it is not impossible to cure. The secret ingredient to poison this demon in your mind lies within you. Find it out!

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