Delhites beat boredom with balcony-concerts during the lockdown

Delhites It’s been over a month now that we have been in complete lockdown. Our mental health is now losing it’s calm and we are all patiently waiting for something truly enthralling to happen amidst all the boredom.

Gladly, there have been a few incredibly talented people who’ve made the most of this time not only for themselves but also for their neighbours.


Delhites try beating their boredom

Many Delhites tried to beat their boredom with balcony concerts, exciting their neighbours and helping them dance to the rhythm of life.


A famous musician named Hitesh Madan from Rajouri Garden is used to playing music in front of a huge audience but this time was definitely something special. He mapped out his opportunity to bring out the musician in him when he played from his balcony for his neighbours along with his adorable sons. The view was worth a watch!

“Since I am a former member of the band Euphoria, the crowd was excited, particularly because I was singing ‘Maeri’, one of the band’s top hits,” said Madan.


A very similar case was reported in Swasthya Vihar Delhites of East Delhi, where guitarist cum singer, Rahul Sharma performed on March 22 for his neighbours.

“When everyone came to their balconies to beat utensils as prime Minister’s request, I saw a wave of happiness ripple across the neighbourhood and realised that little things done with a common purpose can light up everyone’s mood,” Sharma said. “I immediately posted a message on the RWA group forming them about a small gig I’d like to organise on the balcony. It proved a hit and I have performed two more times since.”, he stated.

Well, it’s certainly applaudable how we are trying to accommodate to this difficult situation collectively. Let’s hope for a brighter future but until then stay with each other from afar!

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