COVID19 There is an old saying ” Prevention is better than cure” so all of us are following a strict lockdown to save ourselves and the rest from a deadly pandemic COVID19 which is the only way to stay safe.

We are blessed to have a leader like PM Narendra Modi who has the willpower to take such a harsh decision and proud to all of us who are following their instructions.

Darkside-of-lockdown-NewsORB360 COVID19

COVID19, The government is taking enough measures to provide necessary day to day items to those who are in need. Many of us COVID19 are also trying their level best so that no one dies of hunger but do you think is that enough.

Every governmental scheme comes with a lot of paperwork and documentation. Many people are deprived of getting those aids.

Of 132 crore population of India 10% are the richer ones middle class claims to have 55% of the population and the rest are those who live from hand to mouth. Rickshaw pullers, daily wage workers those who work in other houses to earn their living where do they count.

Darkside-of-lockdown-NewsORB360 COVID19

Many of them are suffering from diseases, they aren’t able to buy medicines they are not able to feed their siblings. Many of them are stuck at such places where they can neither earn nor they have enough to fulfill their daily COVID19 needs what about them.

Farmers are not getting laborers to harvest the crips, students who do not have enough measures to attend online classes where do they stand.

This is a matter of seriousness. These things should be COVID19 taken into consideration and some serious and fast action should be taken on them also it’s our moral duty to help those in need as much as we can help those who are in need.

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