Covid19 running in the mind?

The world has come down together to fight down the pandemic COVID19, a virus which attacks the human immunity system named as coronavirus. The Virus shows its symptoms via dry cough and fever but the virus attacking humans physically is also affecting them mentally.

Scientists all over the world are trying day and night to find out the vaccine for coronavirus. But as mentioned above the virus attacking the human brain has forced them to try out not only obnoxious but also extreme methods by themselves to get a cure for the virus.

A disease running in the mind-NewsORB360

Iran one of the hardest-hit countries from the virus with around 30,000 cases and around 2000 deaths. Their few people who believed false rumors came up with the idea of drinking industrial alcohol believing that it will kill the virus, resulting in a horrific situation of 300 deaths and more than 1000 people being ill. Proving that not only the virus is killing people but also the fear of it is taking the lives of the innocent.

Something like this happened in the Karnataka’s Mangaluru, India was a 55-year-old man named Dayanand Poojary who used to work in a hotel in Mumbai, Maharashtra returned to his native and was quarantined in a quarantine center along with his two sisters, committed suicide, reportedly due to the fear of contracting coronavirus. The police also said that he had some family issues and the body has been sent to the Wenlock COVID19 hospital for postmortem.

A disease running in the mind-NewsORB360

Meanwhile the COVID19 cases in India grew by the highest number yet on Friday when as many as 6,088 cases were detected across the country. The total number of coronavirus patients in India increased to 118,447. For now the country is still under the threat of the virus hence the only solution right now is to follow the rules by the government and self quarantining ourselves.

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