At this time when a complete world all the governments are fighting with such a deadly pandemic, COVID19 China is trying to find the loopholes to enter the economy of every developing country.

These days Chinese companies with huge turnovers are trying to infiltrate into those companies who are facing bankruptcy and financial crisis. COVID19 Those companies are buying huge amounts of shares in those companies.


China claims to have enough medical equipments and test kits to COVID19 supply all over the world to gain a huge profit to their economy. China is selling ventilators and other medical equipments at a much higher price to boost its economy.

At a time of crisis when a country like the USA has stopped the funding of WHO China has announced a financial funding of about 288 crore INC to WHO.

A significant impact of this COVID19 crisis has also been seen in the prices of crude oil. Due to a complete lockdown of about all the countries of the world the demand for crude oil is also falling down resulting in the price falling prices of crude oil. Taking advantage of this China is buying this cheap crude oil in a high amount from all the crude oil suppliers so that it can sell it at a much higher price to gain profit sometime later.

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When the whole world is struggling with such a pandemic China is just taking advantage to boost its economy and gain profit from such a miserable condition.

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