COVID19 AND CRIME: Women being at the receiver’s end.
As the pandemic, COVID 19 flares-up affecting an exceptionally high extent of the populace, staying at home or Self-isolation also known as Quarantine was the best solution most of the governments came up with. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi recommended the same but eventually had to announce a total lockdown of the country in view of the far-reaching of CORONAVIRUS.

On the brighter side, we noticed the unbelievably low rate of pollution, lesser crimes and an opportunity to spend some quality time with family members.


1.Domestic Abuse
The crux of all of this was to save us from the Virus, but who will save the women from the monsters residing in their house?

People were relieved by the fact that, now, women are significantly more secure, more secure on the grounds that they are at home but WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO LIVE WITH THOSE MERCILESS BEASTS?

It is heart-wrenching to think about those women who live with their abusive husbands or family members. Domestic abuse has risen worldwide since the outspread of COVID19. A conjugal assault that is, Marital rape is common nowadays yet because of the current circumstance, it’s arriving at its pinnacle. The discourteous husbands don’t understand a simple word known as consent because they have been taught that women are objects and they can treat them in any way they please. How will these women get justice? Who will help them?

Anita Bhatia, the Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Women tells TIME that “the very technology we are using to protect people from the virus can perversely impact victims of domestic violence.”

In India, especially in the province of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Bihar, the total complaints received by NCW(National Commission for women) from women rose from 116 in the first week of March (March 2-8), to 257 in the final week (March 23-April 1).


2. Sexual Assault
COVID19 AND CRIME, Hundreds of disturbing thoughts cross the mind of every parent, their woes and worries have no end when it comes to their child’s safety, what if they get bullied in school, what if they are assaulted or harmed in any way, will they return home safely and other such unpleasant thoughts. But little do they know that sometimes the merciless beasts are with them under the same roof. Recently, a very disturbing video came out where an elderly man(probably a relative) was sexually assaulting an 3-4-year-old girl. A child is so small that she wouldn’t even be able to comprehend what and why is this all happening. Since he was caught red-handed, he would surely get the punishment he deserves. But what about all the heinous deeds happening behind close doors, happening with children by somebody so close to them. What about these innocent souls, who is going to help them?


3. Hospital-A safe haven or a living hell?
As  COVID19 spread like wildfire, doctors, nurses and other community helpers came forward to save our lives while risking their own. During this gruesome situation, doctors are the ones everyone trusts but as Marian Wright says, “In every seed of good there is always a piece of bad”. Recently a lady from Ludhiana visited Gaya and in the wake of coming to Gaya, she had severe bleeding and some symptoms of corona after which, she was admitted to the isolation ward. The doctor in duty turned out to be a real-life monster, raped her for 2 days straight. She was discharged after testing negative for Covid19. On April 6th, she was admitted again due to excessive bleeding which ultimately resulted in her death. Her relatives knew the truth all along but revealed it only after her death. The case has been filed against the doctor, but we’ll be at peace only after she gets justice.

COVID19 AND CRIME, If you or anyone you know is in any kind of trouble, contact women helpline numbers, stand up for yourself and others.

Women Helpline ( All India ) – Women In Distress-  1090 / 1091
Women Helpline Domestic Abuse -181
National Commission For Women (NCW)– 011-26942369, 26944754
Delhi Commission For Women– 011-23378044 / 23378317 / 23370597
Outer Delhi Helpline– 011-27034873, 27034874
Student / Child Helpline- 1098

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