Could novel coronavirus outspread from a dead body?

Novel The whole world is going through a tough and awful phases which lead to people to get devastated and depressing. At the moment there are 4.71M confirmed cases, 1.73M recover, and 315K deaths which lead to question people, Could novel coronavirus outspread from a dead body?

At present it’s not confirmed yet that that bodies can spread novel coronavirus. Although we don’t know much about how long novel coronavirus could survive in the dead bodies, but precautions are taken. WHO had released guidelines for both burial and cremation. Novel Safety standards should be followed strictly by the professional as no family members can perform rituals.

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However dead bodies have some sort of sap like saliva, phlegm, and blood exude out which can spread the virus. As for cremation, the temperature should above 1000°C and for burial graveyard should be enough deep to be out of reach from other sources and above the groundwater level. While carrying out the novel rituals professional, who must be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) so they won’t be in contact.

Hence there should be sufficient awareness that novel coronavirus does not spread from a dead body.

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