Coronavirus protection: Check your masks!

Coronavirus has become a global disease now which is spreading rapidly, killing hundreds of people. It has been estimated that nearly 3300 people have lost their lives by this deadly disease across the world. 


This disease that originated in Wuhan, China has been doing the rounds in many countries, has also crept in India. Recently, after the Delhi Coronavirus case, people were shaken by their thighs. That’s when it was decided that there must be steps taken to prevent this disease from spreading furthermore. What is it? Let’s find out! 

Are the masks effective enough?

Since the Coronavirus is spreading like a storm, it is important to know whether the masks that you are wearing to prevent yourself are effective.


But first, let me tell you when you need not wear them 

  1. If you are not a medical worker 
  2. If you are not coming in contact with infected patients
  3. If you aren’t experiencing any flu-like symptoms
  4. If you aren’t infected with COVID-19
  5. If you aren’t leaving your doors too much
  6. If you are far or not in the outbreak zone  

Although most of us are relying on masks to cover ourselves from the clutches of coronavirus, it is important to Coronavirus know that these masks aren’t fool-proof. For those who do not wear masks properly, or take it off at regular intervals, it may lead to leakage hence ruining the purpose  


If you are using the regular disposable masks, don’t wear them at a stretch of more than 3-8 hours because it’s not as effective as the Coronavirus N-95 respirators. N-95 respirators block even 0.3 microns diameter particles, and thus proves to be your best bet to prevent coronavirus.

Take care of yourself!

All of us are trying hard to prevent ourselves from coronavirus but make sure if you are wearing a mask you know exactly how to cover yourself properly with the same. Also, avoid taking off the mask in public places or unsensitised grounds. You don’t want to be the next victim!

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