Coping up during Quarantine
The pandemic CORONAVIRUS has led to the lockdown of many countries so now the best what people can do is to stay at home or self isolate themselves also known as quarantine. So quarantining yourself at home can play an important role in preventing the spread of infections. But this doesn’t mean that coping with sudden disruptions is easy. Taking care of your mental health is essential even if your time in quarantine is relatively brief in the grand scheme of things. It is medically proven that social isolation can lead to poor cardiovascular health, lower immunity and depressive symptoms such as fear, insomnia, low mood, irritability and emotional exhaustion.

Keeping these significant issues in mind it is very important to take care of our mental health. Following are a few ways in which quarantine can be relaxing.

1. Establish Routines
Left without the structure of normal day of office, college or school can be one of the most difficult aspects of quarantine. This can leave all of us feeling directionless as we figure out how to fill all the hours of the day. Try out making fun and exciting routines with your family and follow them. This will keep the minds occupied and entertained resulting in a peaceful environment.


2. Workout at home
Try to be as active as you can. Try out exercises you can do at home and to make it fun, encourage the family to do it together. Indulge in your hobbies and interests you have been longing for a while.

3. Communicate
People tend to experience greater anxiety when they feel like they don’t have access to the information that they need. So staying in contact with other people and communicating with information is critical for minimising the sense of isolation and frustration.
4. Stay together Stay connected.
Sometimes even if we stay in the same house we tend to isolate from each other unintentionally which somehow makes us even more anxious and sad. Try to make mealtime more conversational, have regular video calls with family living away and reduce the use of social media and have meaningful discussions.

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