Advertisements are a part and parcel of daily life. From billboards and leaflets to online videos and articles, ads or advertisements never seem to leave us. Advertisements successfully dominate our choices, streamline our needs and make us want luxuries. Advertisements are aimed at presenting a product in such CONSUMERISM an attractive way that consumers are led into believing all the exaggerated facts which are mostly proven false. However, advertisements aren’t misleading always. They’re the only ways of introducing any new, advanced and useful product to the public and hence are extremely essential for the economy. Also, they contribute to bringing public attention to serious issues, promoting government schemes and such other stuff.


Some positive impacts of advertisements are discussed below.

Enhances business for companies- Advertisements contribute to the mass purchase and increase in company sales. Some ads are meant for increasing sales of products which might or might not be useful to the public but is its sales CONSUMERISM are beneficial for the company.

Brings awareness- Ads bring public awareness about new products, methods, schemes, etc. Thus ads are beneficial to human beings as well.

Employment and revenue- The advertisement industry provides CONSUMERISM employment to several people- models, laymen, technicians, editors, directors, etc. A considerable portion of government revenue is derived from advertisements in the form of taxes and charges.

Free entertainment- Several television channels are able CONSUMERISM to provide entertainment for free solely because of the revenue that they earn from ads. Even sports CONSUMERISM events are sponsored by ads which make the matches more attractive.

Helps to keep the public updated- Advertisements help the public to be updated with lifestyle, technology, and other improvements CONSUMERISM of life and living.

Some of the negative impacts of advertisements may be considered to CONSUMERISM be the misuse of the freedom of expression, misleading people, disregarding society, and legal rules and disturbing the valuable human thought. Ads also increase the chances of fraud and scams.

Thus CONSUMERISM advertisements are an inseparable and important part of consumers’ lives. It is the responsibility of the audience to understand the difference between needs and wants.

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