Consumed by Wanderlust: Explore the World via these

Astounding Movies, We all are stuck inside our homes in the wake of this pandemic and thus agitated from the thirst of wanderlust which wouldn’t get quenched in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, we have a list of certain movies that will help you to travel the world without leaving your bed. So, tighten your seat belt as we are about to set off for a world tour!

Into the Wild (2007)


Into the Wild is an American adventure drama film, directed by Sean Penn which revolves around a college graduate who gives away all his savings and hitchhikes to Alaska. The movie showcases the natural beauty of Alaska and the irresistible allure of living in wilderness.
Watch this movie to reinvigorate your bond with the nature!

⦁ The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)


The story recounts the adventure of an 8,000 km motorcycle trip that Ernesto Guevara undertakes along with his biochemist friend, Alberto Granado. Directed by Walter Salles, the motorcycle diaries propel the viewers to discover the American continent.

⦁ EuroTrip (2004)


Wanderlust, EuroTrip is an American comedy film directed by Jeff Schaffer in which a boy named Scott travels all the way to Europe from United States post his breakup after high school graduation. Along with his friends, he travels through Ohio, London, Vatican City, Amsterdam, Bratislava and many more places in pursuit of his pen-friend, Meike. This movie is laced with humour and makes you want to pack your bags in order to set off for Europe with you friends!

⦁ Midnight in Paris (2011)


Set in Paris, Wanderlust, this movie unravels the essence of travelling by displaying the iconic tourist places. Woody Allen has portrayed the life of a screenwriter named Gil Pender who drifts away from his fiancée as he is captivated by the stunning city of Paris.

⦁ Eat Pray Love (2010)


Starring Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert, this movie portrays her charmed world tumbling down after encountering a divorce. Wanderlust, This film sparks an urge in the viewers to take a vacation to Italy, Indonesia and India as in the film, Elizabeth embarks on a journey to discover her inner self.

⦁ Lost in Translation (2003)


Shot entirely in Japan, Sofia Cappola has directed Lost in Translation showing the dazzling city of Tokyo. The two stars, Bob and Charlotte socialize and explore the city together in order to elude from their boring routines. This is the movie that the viewers could associate most with Tokyo.

⦁ The Beach (2000)


The heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio is starring in this movie directed by Danny Boyle which is quite amusing for anyone visiting Thailand. In the movie, in pursuit of adventure, he sets off to Bangkok followed by Southern Thailand. The Beach really hiked the tourism of Thailand substantially after it was released.

⦁ Roman Holiday (1953)


Directed and produced by William Wyler, this film can also serve as a full guide for traveling Rome. A crowned princess, eludes her country’s embassy in order to escape the monotonous luxurious lifestyle and ends up falling in love with a reporter, Gregory Peck. This movie gives a tour of Rome on a Vespa scooter!

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