The socio-political ideology of Communism is established in the form of governing political groups in several nations around the world. Communism is a theory of social organization where all properties are owned by the community and every individual contributes and receives to and from the community according to his or her capabilities and requirements. Practically, the idea of communism opposes privatization and ensures equal distribution of wealth and other necessities amidst the public. Communism is aimed at abolishing the social class system based on economic status and purposes to establish social equality of every individual.


The Coronavirus has disrupted civil life around the world CORONA and has caused havoc in the economic systems. Several nations like the United States of America, Italy, Spain, France etc. have suffered serious loses with respect to human life and finances. Also, there are several countries that have been able to control the spread of coronavirus like Vietnam, Laos, North and South Korea, Taiwan, etc. Even China, the country that faced the first COVID-19 outbreak, was able to control the spread and the number of deaths. A stark similarity between most of the successful countries is the communist structure of the government.



Communism CORONA speaks against privatization which makes the entire economy under the government. Thus there’s only one system for everyone irrespective of economical condition solely because every individual in a communist set-up has more or less similar financial condition. Thus this rules out the majority of corruption at the very primary level and makes basics like food, medicines and medical facilities, free or affordable for everyone. With governmentalization of the market, surge pricing post lockdown could be controlled, making the market functioning smooth and consistent. Thus the economies in the communist states are much safer than the capitalist states that have well defined economic classes.


With the CORONA removal of private institutes, the entire education system comes under the state. With no division of status among the public, the system is able to provide quality education to all, thus removing ignorance among the masses. These, to a large extent, prevent the people of a communist state from being misled or misinformed. Proper education also helped the communist countries to ensure complete lockdown with people consciously abiding by the instructions.



With no private CORONA organizations, the government of a communist state is able to utilize the full manpower, available land, intellectuality and knowledge of the people to provide immediate healthcare facilities.


Some of the important steps taken by China were

  1. Free and easily accessible COVID-19 testing- With healthcare sector completely under the government, testing for COVID-19 was easy and free.
  2. Immediate construction of hospitals- With complete labour force under the government, immediate construction of hospitals to treat patients of a community spread helped them to reduce the fatality rate.
  3. Complete isolation of the epicentre of the disease- With alert citizens cooperating with the government, complete isolation and lockdown of Wuhan was possible that controlled the spread of the disease to the other parts of the country.
  4. Fever centres- With widespread fever clinics established during the SARS outbreak in 2002, people with doubts and symptoms could visit any of the centres for free check-up and consultation.
  5. Sealing off hospitals- CORONA All newly constructed and pre-existing hospitals were completely sealed off to contain the disease.
  6. Food and medicines delivered to every doorstep.
  7. People shifted jobs to aid in food and medicines delivery.
  8. Every single COVID-19 case was detected all over the country with the travel history of every suspect strictly derived.

The steps taken by China CORONA were quick and positive and in spite of being the epicentre of the disease, they could control their fatality rate by preventing the spread of infection. Thus Communism as a social structure proved to be extremely efficient in helping a nation combat the deadly coronavirus.

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