Chetan Bhagat Feels Sushant Singh Rajput Was Not Credited For Movies

Chetan Bhagat had earlier worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in Kai Po Che!. Chetan Bhagat has said for Sushant Singh Rajput that the media had affected the actor. He had confided in director Abishek Kapoor about the same. Abhishek Kapoor had worked with SSR during Kai Po Che! And Kedarnath. 

During an interview with Times Now, Chetan Bhagat had felt bad for Sushant Singh Rajput. He felt Sushant was not given credit for Chhichhore, even after being a hit. Chetan said, “And poor Sushant couldn’t do anything.” Chetan was asked if he has discussed this with him. He said, “Yes, he told Abhishek that it used to bother him.”

According to Chetan, journalists have a “WhatsApp Group”. They form their consensus about the matters they want to focus jointly. 

“They all have benefactors, they all have a person who they know will give them access to the stars…” Out of many, the majority will write an anti-Sushant article. “And that’s the narrative.” These things were blind and these had broken SSR.

Blind Items Affected The Late Star

Mr Bhagat feels that journalists had written blind items about SSR. These articles were read by almost everyone in the industry. He even questioned why the person is allowed to write blind items this way. And even after people know about the writer behind blind items, many celebrities still appear in their interviews and chat shows. 

He said, “the same stars who talk about mental health all day are giving interviews to this filmy journalist.”

He does not believe that Sushant died by suicide. Chetan Bhagat has no faith in Mumbai Police as it has just declared Sushant as Mentally Ill. He said, “I think, from what I see in the Sushant case, something is amiss. That is what I can say now, after two months.”

In fact, Abishek Kapoor supports this theory. In an interview with Enquiry on YouTube, he said, “Artistes are fragile, they need to be taken care of. I can make a film and make sure the audience likes it and likes you, but I cannot guarantee validation.”

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