A lethal virus, a three-fold extended lockdown, and work from home orders is exactly what’s going on in almost everyone’s lives. But, spending lockdown with our loved ones makes it a whole lot easier and gives in cherish-able moments.

WALKING DOWN THE MEMORY LANE: Nothing is more beautiful to listen to than our parent’s childhood stories and adventures they had in their time.

WATCHING THEIR FAVORITE MOVIES TOGETHER IN LOCKDOWN: The early 90’s had some iconic film releases which swayed thousands of people back then. Reminiscing of these times with your parents while watching old movies can be a really good fun plan.


EDUCATING THEM WITH TODAY’S TECH IN LOCKDOWN: With advancing technologies, parents of an absolutely different generation find it difficult to cope. Thus, it’s the child’s responsibility to spare time and guide them a little on how things work.

COOKING TOGETHER IN LOCKDOWN: Share the kitchen with your mama once and it’ll be a lifelong memory. Cook something out of the box and enjoy it all together.

DOING ACTIVITIES AT HOME IN LOCKDOWN: To help get away with boredom, involve yourselves and parents into doing activities that unleash creativity. Playing board games can be equally fun.


GOSSIPING OVER DINNER IN LOCKDOWN: Family gossips are indeed a fun element to experience. One sideline about your Chachi’s brother’s son and the gossip is good to go.

WATCHING RAMAYANA TOGETHER IN LOCKDOWN: Which 1995’s kid would have thought to ever watch spiritual and religious shows like Ramayan in the 21st century! But here we are, creating memories and learning lessons about the right way of leading lives.


TAKING CARE OF PLANTS TOGETHER: Until now, it had been either mom’s or dad’s errand to water and trim plants. But, now you join them to help. This small gesture makes it memorable for both the parties.

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