Celebrity Fitness routine for you to adopt today!

During this time of Coronavirus when every human health is at stake, it is extremely essential to draw some attention to the constantly rising obesity. Although switching to a balanced diet will work wonders, it isn’t going Fitness to be enough to help you combat the virus. Here are a few celebrity fitness ideas to steal now!

Bhakti Kabavat, actor


Bhakti often hits the gym to maintain her good health. Fitness She also practices swimming to energize herself. She also avoids using an elevator to reach her flat and tries to hit the stairs which also impacts her activeness and helps her stay fit for longer. Some major diet changes like cutting down on the carbs and fats have also helped her massively.

Mehr Mahajan, actor


Mehr loves maintain to her body by doing various Fitness activities and exploring new exercises every time. She has also recently involved herself in kickboxing and Tabata that are majorly contributing to her improved health. Various bodyweight exercises and HIIT are also some of her favourite picks.

Aarohi Patel, actor


Aarohi’s fitness regime also had to be on this list. Regular Fitness gym classes and Pilates motivate her to stay healthy. Alongside this, she also indulges in eating a variety of fruits every day to boost her immunity. Drinking plenty of water adds to her success at maintaining a healthy routine. A good amount of sleep is cherry on the cake for her during these times.

Foram Mehta, actor


Amidst the list of fitness freaks, Foram Mehta’s is one of a kind. She makes it a point to engage in several activities in a day to Fitness make the most of her fitness time. Cycling, Yoga, Meditation and cardio exercises are a few of the activities she uses to stay fit and radiate naturally.

Hope these celebrity fitness ideas motivate you to switch to a healthy routine and stay fit during this lockdown!

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