Celeb Homes That Are Not Expensive YET Exclusive

Celeb homes have always been the talk of the town. But did you know that these lavish home looks don’t always come for a hefty price as we assume?

Celeb Homes, Many film-stars including Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar, and Arjun Kapoor don’t own very expensive homes but that does not diminish the aura of their personal space. If you want to take a look at these film-stars whose homes look rather exclusive than expensive, here’s the list!

Homes that echo luxury without hefty investments
The materials you select and the creativity you allow to penetrate into your space is what adds the taste of luxury at home. These film-stars have successfully created a home that speaks a language of grace and royalty against the usual belief that says ‘Luxurious homes demands hefty investments!’

Alia Bhatt
Recently, when Alia Bhatt moved into her new home in Mumbai, which was designed by interior designer Richa Bahl. We saw glimpses of her swanky apartment and it was mesmerizing. The beautiful home that costed her 13.11 Crore took two years to build. It includes all the subtle colors and textures that help define the simplicity of her personal space.

The kitchen with monochrome flooring teamed with light green and white furniture accentuated the length of her kitchen like never before. A few stunning décor pieces here and there added to the look of her stunning home.

“I told Richa I didn’t want it to be too modern. I wanted it to feel a little old, with a New York loft kind of feel. And I didn’t want anything overtly glamorous, like chandeliers, or marble floors.” said Alia.

Hrithik Roshan
Speaking of some of the most stylish homes of the Bollywood stars, Hrithik Roshan’s home is an ideal fit for every man. During the interior designing of his home, Hrithik made sure that every corner in his home was inviting enough for him to look forward to returning home immediately.

The kid’s zone in his home is my personal favourite with colourful corners that amplify the look. The sea view space that is swarmed with greens is another amazingly decorated corner of his home which his family relishes whole-heartedly.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Designed by the gorgeous, Gauri Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez’s home is a living paradise on earth. The beautiful touch of greens and pastels all over, make it a perfect place to be in.

Swarmed with floral prints on the upholstery and pink tones here and there, the home makes for a lovely stay where positive vibes and creativity are floating in the air. Indeed, her home is as pretty as her!

Siddharth Malhotra
Another Gauri Khan designed home; Sidharth Malhotra’s new home is for all those who love monochrome. This new house that situates itself in Juhu is lit with different colours, and textures put together to complete the look.


The trunk center table housed in his living room area is another masterpiece that will keep you hooked in one glance. The lighting and furniture add up to give the illusion of a stunning five-star hotel experience in his private space. Isn’t that cool?

Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte’s Mumbai home is another masterpiece to talk about. The home with colourful doors and an open kitchen space holds just the right amount of flavours and textures. A subtle living space with minimal décor, it allows the family to sit with each other and enjoy the mesmerizing vibe of her home.

With beautiful antique furniture, lots of greens in each corner and minimal décor, Radhika Apte’s home is steal-worthy for all of us.

“This is my small tiny room where I get ready. This is where I get my hair and make-up done for some events or look tests or auditions and what not. This makes me sort of have that distance from my private space to my workspace. So, I get ready and literally exit,” said Radhika when introducing her bedroom corner in a video.

These were some of the most eye-catching houses of famous celebrities that proves ‘money is not the only determinant that can give your home the desired luxury!’ If you’ve been wanting to revamp your home, don’t forget to gorge on these stunning celeb-homes and steal some ideas.

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