CAB crosses its final hurdle as the Rajya Sabha passes the Bill with 125 Ayes and 105 Noes!

CAB, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “NRC aane wala hai!” Sounds familiar? Well, NRC aa gaya!

CAB, About five lakh Bengali Hindu migrants originally from Bangladesh, who couldn’t be listed in the National Register of Citizens, can now officially claim Indian citizenship after the Citizenship Amendment Bill crossed its final hurdle in the Rajya Sabha today after eight hours of intense debate. The Bill mustered immense support in the Lok Sabha with 311 favorable and 80 unfavorable votes.  Over Ninety lakh people were excluded from the NRC published on August 31.


What is CAB about?           

This bill makes the process of obtaining Citizenship of India swifter for the non-muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. But this Bill will only favor those who arrived in India before 31st December 2014. The bill also makes amends to the Act related to Overseas Citizens of India. A migrant may register himself/herself as an OCI if the migrant or his/her spouse is of Indian origin. This would deem them eligible for utilizing benefits such as traveling, working or studying in India. This bill excludes many north-east areas from these provisions.

 The Opposing Forces

Addressing today as a dark day for India in its Constitutional history Congress minister Sonia Gandhi said, ‘The Passing of CAB marks the triumph of biased and narrow-minded forces in our country’. She further said that the CAB discriminates between people on religious grounds by identifying only the non-muslims refugees as worthy of being granted Citizenship of India. 


The Ultimate Result

Earlier today, Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Bill would lend hope to tons of people who are living illegally in India and give them a fair opportunity to provide for their respective families. He also silenced the opposition who accused the Bill of being anti-Muslim by saying that this Bill would have no implications on Indian Muslims who would continue to live on peacefully. The Rajya Sabha passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill today with 125 votes in favor over the 105 votes against it.

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