CAB Clears the Air: Shah Faces A Feat In Rajya Sabha

Citizenship Amendment Bill, that was proposed in Lok Sabha on 09/12/2019, Monday, has been passed in Rajya Sabha despite several opposition members against it. It took more than eight hours in Rajya Sabha to get the desired number of supporters.

According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, It is a hope for lakhs of people facing persecution on the basis of religion in the neighbouring countries. The aim is to provide citizenship to the non-muslim migrants a nationality. BJP’s move to provide citizenship is laudable as the children of migrants will have a chance to recognize themselves as Indians, because they are, after all among us. The aim is not to hurt any emotion. Muslims of the country will be treated equally. The aim is only to permit citizenship to whom it is a necessity. Of Course, the condition applies, the migrant must have birth proof and he must have stayed in India until 3, December 2014.

In Spite of the fact that Shiv Sena backed out from the alliance with the BJP, Thackrey believed in his morals and supported the bill. Though the party walked out of the voting. There were 125 votes for the bill and 105 against it, out of all present in the Rajya Sabha. The bill is soon to be a law.

There were many leaders who opposed the bill and have shown their interest against the Citizenship Bill. H D Deve Gowda was against it, as ‘it will destroy the minorities’, he said. According to many, it could create unrest in the country.

Despite not having many supporters, Amit Shah has again proved himself by voicing his opinion on religions. He talks about minorities where shows himself as the one who does not hold a “narrow definition of minorities”.

BJP has introduced the bill for the benefit of so-called “illegal immigrants”, as they are forced to enter India without having a proper residence and recognition.

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