Well, most businesses will be negatively affected by the coronavirus there are few that will thrive because of it. Businesses bring necessary relief to patients and hospitals are in high demand. As well as products and services that serve the general public while in lockdown are seeing a major ups way. Now while many people are losing work there are parts of the economy that gave us a glimpse of hope at this time.

 Mask and medical supplies.
The global demand of items like disposal gloves, ventilators, and face masks is unprecedented public panic buying and stockpiling gloves, face masks and medical alcohol cleaners had led to shortages. businesses Manufactures and supply chains are working around the clock to keep up the demand but they still not able to. Though for the industry of medical supplies business is good.

 Cleaning services.
Cleaning services have seen an unexpected upturn in sales as they back battle to keep up in demand for public places requiring sanitization. Commercial purposes and medical facilities are the largest part of the market as they increase the frequency of their cleaning. This is an area where staff recruitment is still strong and looks to set remain stable for some time as the standards will remain high.

 Shopping delivery services.
Social distancing weather enforced by government or not has crawled the last few stragglers who hadn’t sign in for online shopping. Ecommerce has been on solid rejection for some years but the immediate need has businesses caused complete reliance on delivered groceries and essentials. Many countries declared the complete shutdown fort this cause the immediate spike on already stretched delivery service. Promoting companies like Amazon employed 1000 new employees.

 Fitness equipment companies.
The gym is close to most of the world but that’s leading the way to the home fitness market to have the type of researches when home shopping took off. If we are all going be confined to our homes there’s no need to let ourselves go and recent sales are confirming plans to stay in shape. The number one sailing fitness products in worldwide right now is yoga mats, but many Tec startups are firing up sales of their internet-connected fitness equipment so that users can still feel connected to a greater community. Live and recorded instructions from experts that links to priority equipment turn homes into an interactive gym. Sales in this sector are sky rocking.

 Video conferencing and document handling.
Many companies have rapidly adopted to work from home as shutdowns are imminent. This opens up a huge demand for services to connect work businesses teams to each other. There also been a sudden uptake signup for online conferencing. Workgroups and collaboration sites that help host business corporation remodeling. Remote document signing and scanning, secure sending, this is promoting softs for signup as sending important documents need a trusted application.

 Telecommunication.
We relying on our phones to keep close to our family and friends. People are reactivating their skype accounts to have group gatherings. All of this means big business for internet and voice service providers. Less time at the office means more time for watching videos on YouTube, share memes, and scroll Instagram.

 Streaming video and live video hosting sites.
Globally we already had access to various content. Producers can barely keep up leading, the revival of retro content like series friends and golden girls where you can binge-watch seasons for days. The main players in the video-on-demand Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix work on monthly subscription, during social distancing subscriptions are on the rise users are forced to platform hoop from one provider to the other as the exhaust the extant archives of contents at an alarming rate.

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