Brexit: A gamechanger or disaster?

For decades, the controversy of Brexit has been causing chaos in the streets of Europe and America. Although Brexit has become such an integral debate in the contemporary era, innumerable people are unsure about what it truly means. 

Why is Brexit happening? What is it? Does it make any sense? Is it a gamechanger or disaster? These are some of the most common questions that are flooding the minds of people everywhere. 

Let’s unravel Brexit to understand its consequences! 

The exit of Britain

The commencement of the Brexit process dates back to June 2016 when around 52% of voters decided to leave the European Nation (EU) while only 48% of voters wished to stay.

Although the Brexit process means the exit of Britain from the European Nation, it is not such a simple decision. When the pros and cons of this decision are weighed, it always makes this process rather uneasy. 

The crux of the controversy

Since Europe is the biggest source of foreign investment and crucial export market for Britain, it is obvious that the implementation of Brexit will bring humungous loss to the foreign investment and export market of Britain. Aside from that, the surety of this process is sure to devastate the long-preserved ties between Britain and Europe.

Naturally, if Britain leaves Europe, it will only be an inch away from losing its strong economy. This is the reason why millions of people are revolting against this controversy, making this one chaotic decision in the history of Europe. 


What’s next?

In case, Britain and Europe seem to reach a disagreement concerning this matter, a no-Brexit deal will be on the move. But for now, the deadline for the transition period, January 31 stands uncensored. Whether it’s the gamechanger or a disaster, it is yet to be discovered!

Stay tuned to be informed about the latest updates!

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