A ginormous fire broke out in the gas well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan in Assam. On Tuesday, due to unknown reasons, the already leaking gas well in Tinsukia district caught fire that resulted in heavy plumes of smoke and flame that was visible up to a distance of 2 kilometers. The particular oil well in question was suffering from leakage for over 14 days, since 27th May. In fact a team of three experts from Singapore firm, Alert Disaster Control was at the site to try and stop the oil emissions. They had arrived a day before and were removing some equipment from the site when the fire broke out in the afternoon of Tuesday, around 1:40 pm.

Before reaching the site on Monday, the Singapore expert group, Alert Disaster Control, led by Michael Earnest held a preliminary discussion and debriefing session with Oil India Limited and ONGC regarding the oil leak. The incident erupted chaos and panic amongst the residents of the area. The locals had in fact complained about a certain pungent smell for days before the disaster took place.

Efficient management and quick help avoided a massacre that could have taken place. National Defence Response Force(NDRF) was stationed at the site of the disaster to help control the situation. Indian Air Force (IAF) too extended their support and sent three fire tenders to the spot to douse the fire and ensure the safety of the people.

State Government too deployed fire department, police force, and emergency services to prevent severe loss of property or any loss of life. According to an official statement made by the spokesperson, no loss of life has been suffered due to the fire. Almost 700 families comprising 2,500 people have been evacuated from the area and shifted to relief camps.
“The CM has already directed to deploy fire & emergency services, army and police officials at the site to control the situation. The CM also directed district admin to ensure the safety of people and appealed to local people to not panic,” was one of the tweets by Chief Minister, Sarabananda Sonowal’s office clarifying the conversation between CM and Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, regarding the fire.

Although the fire or oil spill has not cost any human lives, it has surely damaged the ecosystem and environment of the area. There also occurred blowout near Dibru- Saikhowa National Park’s oil well recently. Many people are evacuated there too. Social media is still swarming with pictures of animals, including exotic river dolphins’ carcasses floating along the contaminated river.

Looking at 2020 no one would doubt that humans have upset nature for sure. Only that could be the reason behind her wrath and the destructive challenges that she is constantly throwing at us.

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