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Act Books Inspire Us, Adventure is a daring and exciting experience that helps us know our capabilities in various streams of life. The very moment we get up and leave our bed the adventure starts because no one knows what will happen next and we move on relying on our instincts. If we take on the challenges with a good mindset it will have a positive impact on us and make everything exciting.

Different people have different tastes for adventures, some like daring acts like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, sky diving, etc. while others love seeing historical monuments, artifacts, etc. But a few love reading books and experience the adventure and thrill and imagining all the scenes happening in front of them. Here are lists of books that will change your perception for adventure:-

Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson
This is a thrilling adventure novel providing a brief sketch about pirates, Treasure Island, maps leading to treasure marked with X, one-legged pirates with parrots on one of their shoulders, gun, and cannon fighting. The story revolves around a young boy named Jim Hawkins helping his parents run ‘‘The Admiral Benbow’’, an inn near Bristol, England.

One day Billy Bones, the captain comes and books a room at the inn. After visiting his old pale Black Dog, he suffers a stroke. Later, while drinking rum, he tells Jim that he is a pirate and has a treasure map. Shortly Jim’s father Act dies and to fulfill the needs of his family Jim, Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawny decide to mount an expedition to Skeleton Island to find the hidden treasure.


Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe
The protagonist makes this book an autobiographical novel Act describing his love for adventure. His young desire for travelling abroad was condemned by his parents. He does not listen to them and boards a ship to London. But the consequences for not listening to his parents led him to face a lot of trouble.

Firstly his ship gets caught in a fierce storm, later on his crew members were enslaved by Turkish vessels belonging to the pirates and finally becoming a lone survivor on an inhabitant island far away from his land. After staying there for 28 years we made huts, grew vegetables, ate fruits, killed cannibals, and freed Friday from cannibals. The author finds his life to be much better on the island than in Europe. He, Friday, the English captain and his companions set sail back to England and Act continued his sugar business in Brazil.


Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer
Through his story the author tells us about the state of a person after being obsessed with life, not able to be happy, and always being irritated. The author makes it a true account, describing the journey of Christopher McCandless and his stay in the jungle. The book has 18 chapters describing different phases in McCandless’s life.

The author reconstructs his travel and life from May 1990 to the Act summers of 1992. After getting graduated from Emory University in Atlanta he realized that his life will be much better if he travels around and explore enriches of life. In 1992 McCandless went to the wilds in Alaska, where he decided to spend the rest of his life in solitude. Not everyone has the strength to bear the difficulties in the wild and so in August 1992 he took his last breath due to starvation and weakness.


Around The World In 80 Days By Jules Verne
The author opens up with Mr. Philieas betting with other club members over traveling around the world in just 80 days. Everyone has a dream to travel Act around the world but one cannot think to travel in just 80 days (everyone thought). Then what follows is a lot of fight, accusation, custody, and suspense. After reaching India, he travels from Bombay to Calcutta, not able to enter the temple being a Christian and wearing shoes, saving a young widowed (Auoda) being sacrificed by tribal, elephant ride, and finally ending up in jail in Calcutta for his entry in Malabar hill temple in Bombay.

Their next stoppage was Hong Kong along with Agoda, having taken a steamer to Yokohama, then sail-powered sled ride to Omaha, thereafter train to Chicago, ship to Liverpool, England and buying the whole ship because of consumption of all coal and using wooden furniture as fuel, being arrested by the fix for false accusation of robbery and the authority realize their fault and gave fast train to reach final destination 5 minutes later. Passepartout finds that their travel through various time zone gains them 1 extra day and making Phillies win the bet.


Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
The storyteller, Marlow (a sailor) describes a voyage through Congo River to Congo Free State in the hearts of Africa. He tells his crew members about his childhood, he used to point his fingers on the map and had a desire to explore everything. His dream came true as he got selected for a voyage to Africa to find his friend Mr. Kurtz because of his aunt.

His journey to Africa made him aware of the harsh and miserable conditions of blacks under the rule of whites. One such incident happened in front of him where the grass shed was destroyed due to fire and whites punishing blacks for causing a fire. Mr. Kurtz had a huge influence on the native Africans. The British company wanted Mr. Kurtz to be killed because he caused a lot of losing in company share.


The Call of the Wild by Jack London
The story revolves around a dog named Buck whose entry begins at the house of Judge Miller in Santa Clara, California. He led a comfortable life but his course of life changed after one of the miller gardeners stole him as the demand of sled dogs increased and sold him to a dog trader and was shipped north, beaten, made to carry heavy loads, work for hours. He was a sweet, loving dog but his nature took a huge turn due to his surroundings: he killed Spitz the leader of a pack of dogs.

Meanwhile he was sold to American Act gold hunters he became a good friend of Thornton because he saved him from beating by Hal his owner. He became his best pal and saved Thornton life by preventing him from drowning. Buck’s friendship is affected by his increasing love for the wild. After his master’s death by Americans whom the author called Yeehats, he hunts and kills them and he got his named Ghost Dog because of his swiftness and his shadow what everyone could glimpse. He became the leader of the groups of wolves. He always waited for master every year in the place where he died.


Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
The story describes the 4 voyages made by Act Lemuel Gulliver, a ship surgeon and before each voyage a storm came. Each voyage made a new context to his life.

In the 1st voyage he traveled to Lilliput, himself being huge and Lilliputians being tiny. They were in a shock seeing a gigantic fellow. He gets imprisoned for making the water as it was considered as sedition for the capital even though he was saving the lives of Lilliputians by putting out the fire.

In the 2nd voyage he travels Act to the land of giants, Brobdingnag and himself being tiny. Firstly he gets scared but realizes that they are friendly. The king shows him the difference b/w himself and the rest of England. After this he realizes that he was revolting against Lilliputians.

In the 3rd voyage, he goes to Laputa, Luggnagg, and Glubdugdribb. He finds the people of Laputa to be over thinkers and violent and saw Stuldbrugs a race blessed with immortality. In Glubdugdribb he gets supernatural power to wake the dead and saw the actual truth of history.

In the 4th voyage, his destination was Houyhnhnms (horses with powers). Their coherent, peaceful, clean, and trouble-free society was contrasted with the foulness and brutality of the Yahoos, who were beasts in human shape. He stayed there for many years because of their hospitality, trouble-free life. After returning back to England he had different perspectives for humans.


Odyssey by Homer
It is a Greek epic ballad revolving Act around Odysseus, who took ten years after the Trojan War to reach Ithaca. His absence was misunderstood for his death. Through his poem, the Greek history becomes alive by myths and legends. Athena his ally asks Telemachus to seek news of his father at Pylos and Sparta. Telemachus, Athena had to face a lot of problems to get back Odysseus from the island of the beautiful goddess Calypso, whose prisoner and lover he has been for the last eight years. The suitors who took charge of palace hoarding supplies and wealth planned to ambush Odysseus on his return.

Odyssey goes through a lot of pain to release his crew members from captivity and their safe journey back home. His victory was only possible because of the help from other gods (Zeus, Aeolus, Athena) and King Alcinous and Circe, who provided food, clothing, and shelter. Athena finds Odyssey to be a beggar Act and disguises him but in the end he makes peace between Odyssey and the suitors.


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