Bollywood Dark Comedy That You Should Watch Right Now

The dark comedy genre is a fascinating one for most people because in 2020, joking about taboo topics is even less acceptable than before. So, a dark comedy movie allows the audience to get it all out of their system without offending anyone, and therein lies the appeal. Dark comedy can be well-made, well-written, even tasteful, but they are scarcely inoffensive. If you don’t get offended easily, then you should definitely check out the following movies.

An introduction to this movie is very hard to give while keeping it spoiler-free, since this one that revels in its reveals. This story features blind musicians, murders, organ trafficking on the black market, and a lot of suspense with a healthy dose of laughter infused. All I can say is that you should watch it as soon as possible, and then join the still-raging debate online about the true meaning of the ending of the movie.
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Delhi Belly
Genre – Dark Comedy, Where other movies might be subtle, this one bashes its irreverent sense of humour and dialogues over your head, in the best way possible. Filled to the brim with sexual and other explicit humour, it features a trio who get caught up in the seedy underbelly of the capital city while a mysterious package that needs to be delivered is the McGuffin that acts as the conduit for the plot to take place. This movie will (to the surprise of absolutely no one) make you belly-laugh till it hurts.
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Genre – Dark Comedy, Featuring the late-great Irrfan Khan (who really gets an opportunity to show the breadth of his comedy chops) as a cuckold whose wife has cheated on him, this movie takes the trope further when the man decides to blackmail the homewrecker, leading to a slippery slope of back and forth blackmailing. This movie pulls no punches and will have you engrossed and laughing every time there’s a twist in the tale.
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