Bly Manor – A story that will confuse you and scare you

Bly Manor – A Haunted series is ready to spice up your mundane life…

We all have played those games in our childhood when we used to enact horror stories. Group of friends travelling to a place and forget their way back home, then decides to spend their night at a strange villa and then experience strange activities. With time things stopped scaring us. The Horror genre gets lost somewhere. When we used to get scared darkness, now it’s hard to encounter such things. But till the time visuals and sounds have the power to hit our psychology, any horror could be a must-watch.

Netflix’s one of the best horror series “The Haunting of Hill House” is coming back with its sequel “The Haunting of Bly Manor”. The Haunting of the Hill House was appreciated by the viewers and the announcement of Bly Manor was enough to create the Buzz and excitement among people. A House full of paranormal activities and people dealing with their own grief and then facing the trap is much of a normal story, but this is not What Bly Manor is offering you. The narrative of the story will confuse you, trigger you and scare you. It is much like a puzzle which tempts you to solve it while closing your one eye.

The story starts at a slow pace but the continuous events after that make our mind confused and then trigger us with haunting visuals. People often try to connect the Haunting hill house with Bly Manor. So, for them the only thing you can find common in both the series are A haunted Mansion, Families (Whether nuclear or who came together to share common grief or trauma) Except for that Bly Manor definitely has its own flavour to show. Where Haunted hill house was restricted to specific events, Bly Manor’s terror builds on a slow speed. It focuses on different questions leading to a single answer. The obvious nature of the series will confuse you and hooks you till the end. The little things in serious have something unexpected to tell; something took from your normal life and made it horrible visually. The sound designing, cinematography and lighting deserve your appreciation along with its fabulous narrative.

The show needs your patience. The juxtaposition that is shown between present and past, reality and dreams is something that will confuse you. But the patience will give all your answers till the end. It is surely not just a follow-up of the first season that many are expecting but it has some great content to offer. Enjoy Watching.

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