After the recent incident where elephant in Kerala became a victim of human brutality eating an explosive-filled pineapple. Here comes a man who left no stones unturned to show his love for his jumbo kids. A man in Bihar named half of his will worth ₹5 crores to his two elephants, Moti and Rani claiming that the pachyderms once saved his life. Akhtar tells about an incident when some miscreants tried to shoot him while he was asleep and how his elephants woke him up and saved his life.

“Once, there was an attempt to murder against me. At that time the elephants saved me. When some miscreants armed with pistols tried to enter my room my elephant started trumpeting. It woke me up and I was able to shout and raise an alarm due to which the miscreants ran away” said Imam. Akhtar Imam, the owner of Moti and Rani is the chief manager of Asian Elepahants Rehabilitation and Wildlife Animal Trust (AERAWAT). He has been looking after the elephants since age 12.

“Animals are faithful, unlike humans. I’ve worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I don’t want that after my death my elephants are orphaned”. -said, Imam. Moti and Rani are like family to him. His wife and children have been staying away from him over some disputes. He said he has given half of the property to his wife and half of it to his jumbo kids. His son Meraj once tried to sell the elepahants to a smuggler but failed. Imam also claims that he may receive threats from his family members after he transferred his will to his elephants. He further said that if the elephants die the money would be transferred to the AERAWAT organization.

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