The blast at Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, has killed over 100 people and injured more than 4000 others. The entire city and downtown roads were filled with debris and damages of buildings and cars as a warehouse containing around 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, blasted on the Beirut seaport. In addition to destroying the city, leaving the local residents in utter shock and claiming a number of lives, it has also sent a tremendous tremor over the sea. Along with the increasing number of horrific videos and images that have come to light, several stories of humanity and bravery are also surfacing.

One such story is of a female domestic helper who risked her own life to save a child. In a video that is going viral on social media, a domestic worker is seen cleaning a house as a toddler roams around. The moment there is a tremor and suddenly the glass windows right next to the child and the woman, breaks, she instinctively picks up the child and runs to what seems like the inner quarters of the house she was cleaning. She quick reflex in picking the child up has saved both of them and this incident, recorded on a CCTV camera has over 4 lakh views on social media.

The lady is being hailed a hero as a netizen tweeting the video wrote- “Heroes can be anywhere.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Crazy thing is her first step. That’s where your brain goes. There was never a doubt she was getting to that kid. There was not even a split second thought to run.” A different Twitter user wrote, “I am grateful that this little girl had someone like this woman to hold onto and comfort her in what must have been a super confusing moment.”

Confusion at the very first moment of a blast causes the majority of life loss and the official authorities of Beirut are still unclear as to what caused the 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate to explode. By a wild guess, it might be some small spark of fire. The ammonium nitrate was in the warehouse of Beirut for 6 years and the Russian ship carrying the cargo was abandoned at the port due to some unresolved disputes with the port authorities. The owner of the ship had even abandoned the sailors who were held in the ship for an entire year by the Lebanese authorities before they were freed, the ship removes from the port and the cargo confiscated.

The old crew members reveal that the ammonium nitrate was termed as a ‘floating bomb’ by the ship’s owner itself and the Prime Minister of Lebanon has deemed this blast to be ‘unacceptable’. It is quite confusing as to why was such huge quantities of dangerous substance kept at a port for so long without any precautions.

Amidst all the terror, the incident has brought out several heroes i.e., the locals who helped absolute strangers to get to the nearest hospitals for medical aid. Let’s hope Lebanon soon recovers from the shock.

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