Be Ready to Cry Your Hearts Out While Watching “A Secret Love”

A Secret Love, The confinement due to the pandemic has been fostering many unexpressed emotions that need to be let out. Netflix has aided us to roll our emotions down the cheeks through heart-warming movies, shows, etc.

It has been rightly said by John Galsworthy, “Love has no age, no limit; and no death.”
The subsequent quotation has been beautifully portrayed through a Netflix documentary, A Secret Love which has been released recently. Directed by Chris Bolan, this heartening documentary has left everyone lamenting on the struggles faced by the couple in their relationship.


The documentary displays the lives of a lesbian couple, Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel via black and white photographs and vintage videos. The two women were 18- and 20-years old years old when they fell in love but they had to keep their relationship a secret for decades.
The movie isn’t only laced with romance but also deals with the obstacles that come along with senility and gaining acceptance as a member of LGBTQ community. It portrays many merry moments such as when they didn’t have to care about checking into the hotel without luggage and the time when they shared a kiss amidst a sandstorm. Nevertheless, it also showcased the lies that the couple had to fabricate such as living as roommates just because the rent was too high. The whole documentary is an amalgamation of varied experiences constituting their life journey and people are completely mesmerized after watching it.


The short trip by Chris to his aunts and him lending an ear to their story resulted in the formation of this magnificent documentary that you all must see with a box of tissues!

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