Batman facts you (probably) didn’t know

a superhero who had won millions of hearts all over the world. A superhero from DC fighting against evils to save humanity. He is a self-made superhero who was not born with any superpowers but still, he conquered our hearts with his heroism and courage. But there are some facts about Batman that I bet you don’t know.


1. Bruce Wayne’s name comes from two real hero’s names, Robert The Bruce Scottish National Hero and Mad Anthony Wayne a hero of the American Revolution.

2. Batman’s screen name is JONDOE297

3. A 1943 TV serial called The Batman introduced the concept of BatCave.

4.Darkseid twice, the first time Darkseid blasted him with his omega sanction beam so he killed him by the God killing Gun and second time he put on his hellat armour designed by the Justice League he used the shard to absorb the omega beam and redirect it on Darkseid.

5. There is a real course called THE SCIENCE OF in UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA in Canada.


6. Batman could have Batman been a yellow lantern because the ring had chosen him but he refused to be the one.

7. Batman used to kill people by not only shooting them but he also used to break their necks with karate kicks and hang them.

8. Andy Warhol directed the first batman movie in 1964.


9. Gotham City name came by opening up a phonebook and randomly moving the finger then stopping at Gotham Jewellers.

10. Kevin Conroy played the role of Batman more than any other person.

11. Batman’s ears are hidden projectiles.

12. Ben Affleck is the person who has played the role of Batman and Superman as well.

Ben-Affleck-NewsORB360 Batman

13. The creation was inspired by Zora, The shadow and Dracula.

14. Bob Kane actually didn’t create Batman as we know him.

These were some interesting facts which everyone doesn’t know.

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