Rapper Badshah gives Rs 5 lakh to Genda Phool Artist Ratan Kahar

Rapper Badshah had been recently accused of plagiarism for using Ratan Kahar’s song “Boro loker biti lo” in his latest video song “Genda Phool” without giving him any due credit. Following this event, Badhsah issued a statement on social media where he stated that he would do “whatever possible on my part on humanitarian grounds to put this right.”


A report in Ei Samay, a Bengali daily, claims that not just monetary help, Kahar would also be awarded his rightfully earned recognition for creating the song.

A man of his words!

Indeed, Badshah kept is word and helped the original creator by depositing Rs 5 lakh to the Birbhum based folk singer’s bank account. On Friday, Badshah engaged with Ratan Kahar via a video call.

On the same day, the rapper’s team took a note of his bank details over the phone and on 7th March, Monday, the amount was credited. Rs 5 lakh was transferred to the veteran folk artiste’s bank account.


Acknowledgement is important!

After receiving the promised money, Ratan Kahar has reportedly contacted Badshah personally to express his thanks and gratitude. He has even invited the rapper to his humble residence in Siuri, a small town in the Birbhum district of West Bengal.

In a recent interview, Ratan expressed that he would be elated if Badshah comes over at his place. He acknowledges his singing that made the song so popular. The folk artiste is quite enthusiastic to discuss more music with Badshah.

Badshah | Genda Phool | Jacqueline Fernandez

This veteran singer presently lives in a low poverty-stricken condition. He has also sought out for a helping hand in monetary terms from the rapper Badshah.

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