The third movie in the Bad Boys series, this movie was released in January, the month where all movies die regardless of how good they are. Bad Boys for Life though better than it actually did on its opening day, might be the worst of the 3 movies. The movie does correct a lot of problems its predecessors had, but it also sacrifices the feistiness and craziness that we loved in the first 2 series.

The plotline goes like this, the movie starts with Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) going to the hospital to witness the birth of Marcus’s granddaughter in their high-speed pursuit style without any regard for innocent bystanders. Isabella Aretas, a self-proclaimed witch breaks out of prison and it was a very cool prison break. She unites with her son Armando who she asks to help kill those who put her in prison. Long story short, Mike was involved and a lot of people died and oh yeah, Armando is Mike’s son. Surprised aren’t you, the movie is actually quite enjoyable.

The plot actually is pretty decent other than the messed-up ending. We do get to see a lot of “Bad Boy” action and like always, the relationship between Mike and Marcus is hilarious. What’s different about this from its predecessors, well first of all, they aren’t as impulsive as before and actually think about collateral damage. Now some people liked that about mike and Marcus but we got to agree, blowing up everything in their way did become a bit too aggressive. The personalities of characters are explored deeply in this movie, surprisingly even the personalities of female characters like Isabella were developed properly.

The movie isn’t really crazy as its predecessors except the last scenes. Its probably the only part that can be said to bad. Its too chaotic and it feels like they are trying to finish the movie as soon as possible. The action too isn’t exactly appealing in these scenes and the movie seems to move from being moderately serious to extreme drama.

Overall, the movie is a must watch for all action-detective movies fans. Though in my opinion it’s the worst of the 3, some actually argue it might be best. It actually depends on your taste, if you like the craziness and impulsive nature of Mike, you will agree with me. If you want more realistically developed characters and more development of emotions, this is the movie for you.

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