LIFT As we already know, the second phase lockdown has been going on since the 15th of April and as per Prime Minister Modi’s announcement, is supposed to end on the 3rd of May. We’ve also been made aware of the fact that the doubling rates of COVID-19 patients have fallen appreciably in the past ten days of this lockdown. But, the question is, is it really going to be the LIFT D-DAY of lifting the nationwide imposed restriction, or is there chances of its extension?

Assuming, the lockdown ends in may ; the economy will definitely be worked upon to be back on track but schools, colleges, and other phased out businesses will remain closed. Experts say, if we open things too soon, thousands might die. If we take longer, the economy will have a substantial influence. According to a recent figure analysis of the International Monetary Fund, LIFT it is predicted for the global economy to face a 3% shrink this year.

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The World Health Organization has itself laid out guidelines to be followed by nations before taking a step towards lifting restrictions. Any govern ment aiming to lift lockdown will have to take into account the following six conditions:

  1. Disease transmission is under control.
  2. Health departments are able to efficiently “detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact”.
  3. Schools, workplaces, and other essential places have established preventive measures.
  4. Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable places.
  5. The risk of importing new cases is managed. That is, a second wave situation is well held back from arising again.
  6. Masses are fully educated, informed, and empowered to live in the new normal.

The goal to be achieved with LIFT the above lockdown is to taper restrictions so governments in communities, cities, and nations can effectively avoid a second wave of the pandemic.

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