Is the abusive language patriarchal?

Is the abusive language patriarchal, Even after years of fighting and thriving for equality, we are far to achieve it. Considering that we are so close to achieving equality is not true, considering a woman is no more considered as the weaker sex is a myth. Patriarchy is an institution which exists naturally in our daily lives.

The enemy of feminism isn’t men, its patriarchy, and patriarchy is not is a system; and women can support the system of patriarchy just as men can support the fight for gender equality. – Justine Musk

Have you ever thought that why a man has to abuse another man which target her mother’s or sisters to make him feel bad? This one question makes you challenge the patriarchal world that lies in language. An abusive language is a form of threat to a person, which is generally considered as a man’s pride. Can we ever think of the same thing in a reverse way? Can the same offence or intention be made for a man and not a woman?

Talking about the films that promote such acts includes Gangs of Waseypur, Kaabil or any other movie you can think where revenge is taken from a man by making a woman a tool for that. The recent series streaming on Amazon Prime Paatal lok is an accurate example of the above narrative. In Paatal lok there is a scene where Tope Singh was attacked by his fellow neighbour and when Tope Singh retaliates he hit the other fellow which results in him bleeding. In response to what Tope Singh did to him, he said that now this will have a consequence where his father would fuck tope Singh’s mother and later the man actually did just to take the revenge of his Son’s death.

Here the revenge is accomplished by degrading a woman’s pride. Tope Singh’s family consisted of two men and one woman but still, to achieve an act of revenge it was a woman’s integrity that has to be taken and that is the intensity of the abuse that we generally use.

When we see woman using such abusive language it is the example of what Justine musk has stated women supporting the system of patriarchy without even realising it.

When we talk about the rape culture, these abusive instances are the foundation of that. On-screen sex and violence have become prominent and the abuses become general in nature. If we want to understand the phycology of those brutal revenge incidents whether, in the form of Rape, acid attacks or murder, we need to acknowledge and question why do we need to target woman to degrade a man? 

Using abusive language while considering that you are empowered is what our movies and series streaming on OTT platforms are teaching us. When we tend to change something we need to change the foundation, here the mentality and this language and its significance are what creates the mentality. 

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