At 11 pm-
A mom calls her child
“Have you reached home safe beta”? asked the mother
“Yes ma”, says the child (excitedly)
“You seem very happy today, is there something special?”, enquired the mom
“Yes, ma, another day, another bus travel, another trip back home from work. No false allegations of sexual harassment today. Another day I survived the wave of this “fake rape case pandemic”, replied the child.

Was the above conversation enough to make you shiver with hate? If not then let me tell you this is just a simple conversation that every man no matter what age living far away from his family must be having because of the wave of being fakely called a “rapist” or “molester” is way too heavy a word for an innocent man who’s already just trying to live up to societal expectations.

WARNING ⚠️- Triggered and fake feminists can stay away from this post because here I am going to bash all those who have been crying out about being harassed to gain cheap publicity. You’re not just sick but also a bane to society.

Recently we’ve all come across some or many fake cases and allegations against men. What these fake encounters does to men mentally is something beyond our imaginations. To add more trouble, the society itself becomes a court trial to try everything and make that man look guilty. Why? Only because he’s a man and apparently “a man” is always guilty?

As they say “a man” is always guilty till proven innocent. But my question is he given any chance to prove his innocence?
Ya right he’s given a chance but by the time he utilizes the opportunity, he’s already left with nothing. No money, no reputation, no job, and sometimes even NO FAMILY👨‍👩‍👧

India isn’t a very safe country for women but this time let’s focus on the men for once. Let’s bring a change and try to show a little humanity to the men as well. They already are battling with their struggles and the least we can do as a society is not to judge them until we have “walked in their shoes”. Being a feminist doesn’t mean playing the “woman card” or “victim card”, be a human first. I agree women have been suppressed for years but our history has also witnessed women like Rani Lakshmi Bai who was enough to make the Britishers flee from our divine land. So let’s please redefine feminism to all the “opportunistic ladies” out there.

We are a country that has the capability of changing the whole law and order from life imprisonment to the death penalty during the Nirbhaya case, then why not do the same for all the Abhay as well? When will our judiciary system favor women in name of being the “victim”? My fight isn’t against the rape victims or survivors, my fight is against anyone who uses the word “rape” to protect herself from any law and order. My fight is for all the men who have been trying to remove the tag of “molester” even if there wasn’t any fault. My fight is for all the delivery men out there who will now fear delivering to any single woman after the recent controversy. My fight is for every man out there who is trying to move on from any dark and mistaken past but society doesn’t allow him to do so…

From a girl who wants society to stand up for men as well

Akshita Ayusmita
BAJMC 3rd year
Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar

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