Are IITs Draining Brains?

Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) is widely acclaimed college in India. The entrance exam ( IIT-JEE) is said to be the toughest exam around the world. With hard work and only with hard work, can a student obtain a position to get admission in these colleges? Then also, around 2500 students had dropped out from IITs across the country, in the last two years. 47% of the students belonged to SCs, STs, and OBCs. The rest of the more than 50% were from the General category. A report suggests, most of the dropouts were recorded from IIT Delhi. According to the seats available, IIT admits approximately 9000 students in graduate and 8000 in post-graduate programs.

What is to be blamed for the increase in a number of dropouts from such a renowned institution? Knowledge or excess knowledge? Pressure or excess pressure?

If stats are to be believed, it is the immense pressure of studies that makes a student step out of the frenetic situation. Students find it difficult to cope up with the pressure of studies. Thus, unable to adjust. Not only study pressure but also discrimination against castes and financial background comes out to be the second major reason behind the same.

According to sources, the students who drop out early in their undergraduate courses are from reserved categories from Hindi medium and are unable to fulfill the demands of the course, because of which students face difficulties. Students from IITs are the most in number to commit suicide because of the pressure from families to score good marks.

Hardly to blame on IITs, it is the psychology of a man to get admission in such celebrated colleges. Students from non-IIT backgrounds have also made way in their lives. Some of the great examples are Prashant Bhushan ( AAP member and senior advocate ), Arnab Damm ( Maoist Leader ), Mukesh Ambani ( CEO of Reliance Industries ). They definitely hold an IIT background but are the dropouts of their times. Who knows, they dropped out for the same reasons.

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