Anushka And Virat Are The Initial Choices For The Brands

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have always set goals to impress their fans, be it on-screen or off-screen.

The lovebirds expend such gorgeous theories of love each time they post a video or an advertisement. Their latest ad is no different. Virushka’s chemistry looks so beautiful as if it’s just another time from their formal day at home.

It’s an advertisement for a steel brand but it revolves around Anushka scanning Virat’s mind while agreeing on what to order to eat. Anushka asks Virat for his recommendation but a disinterested Virat says, ‘Order Kuch Bhi (anything). Anushka then shakes her head in agreement and says okay, orders Kuch Bhi. This makes Virat interested to know what did she order to only find out that she’s ordered his favourite comfort food, Chole Bhature. The duo then sends out a love lesson on how some things never alter and are meant to remain ‘forever.’ And, you got to watch the entire video to plunge in love with this power couple, all over again.

This isn’t the first time Anushka and Virat have allied for a TVC. Their love story, in fact, started during the shoot of a shampoo company commercial, back in 2013. Had they not been cast polar to each other for that respective ad then maybe they would have never got to understand each other, fallen in love, and got wedded and united. Specifically, the reason why every time Virat and Anushka speak about their love story in interviews, they credit the ad shoot for making them match and providing them with a happily ever after.

The following video from December, shared by a brand indicated them communicating about his first experiences on the cricket field and her initial shot for a film.

Anushka and Virat jointly make for one of the most sought after celebrity duo of India for brands. They also starred in the viral advertising video for an apparel brand in 2017, which broadcasted just a few months before their December wedding.

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