Again and again there’s the SALMAN rumor spreading incident coming up in this pandemic. It is becoming a very serious issue as it can cause very massive damage to people and society. Sometimes it is related to the reopening of Railway facilities and sometimes related to government arranging the buses for the migrant workers. This time a new rumor has come that Bollywood star Salman Khan is distributing the food and money for the poor and needy people. After the fake news, Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi area gets crowded with lots of people who were in the hope to get the food and money. Soon after some time, the place got overcrowded and became uncontrollable. After some time, the police arrived to control the situation. They make the crowd understand the rumor and asked them to go back to their respective homes. Police are investigating and searching from where the rumor came.

Another rumor spread-NewsORB360 SALMAN

Similarly like this, a lot many rumor came in SALMAN past that trains are getting restarted. This raised the hopes of so many migrant workers and laborers who were wishing to go back to their native places and homes. Bandra station was the location where a huge amount of workers gathered just with that misinformation.

Another rumor spread-NewsORB360 SALMAN

Police and the cyber cell are trying their level best to find out the source of this misleading head. Taking in concern about these incidents, the government is trying to inform the people to not believe in SALMAN every news they get. They are educating people through several messages and ways. Aldo, various celebrities are coming up with a suitable message to make them aware about the fake news and rumors. It’s a quite big challenge for the official authorities to control and manage this issue. Other aspects of this is that the migrant workers and labors are seriously facing the situation. They are struggling to feed their families and themselves too which makes them easily believe in those particular messages. This also shows how badly they have to face the consequences every time when it comes to matters of the nation. They are the only one who gets through all types of difficulties and problems. This has to be fixed as they are important and the people of our nation too.

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