An open letter to our society

Dear Society,

I almost had the perfect “height” for your so-called marriage requirements,

Wonder if that is what people look for each these days.

I almost had the perfect grades

So that I could finally chase

A life, I would succumb to live.

I almost managed to live up to your unrealistic expectations (or perhaps not?)

Making me wonder if girls are the ones who need to control their sensations.

I almost managed to secure the perfect package,

When you think it’s time for me to finally settle down

I had almost managed to capitulate to the system and cultures,

Only to realise I would be gobbled up by vultures.

I almost managed to secure the quintessential life

With you, wanting me to finally settle with a wife.

I almost managed to live up to your early curfew nights,

Wondering, because of this, if my dreams would ever take flight.

I had almost decided to give up on my dreams

Until I realised that this soul isn’t as happy as it seems.

I’m glad I almost did the things you wanted me to,

So that it wouldn’t be late to emancipate myself from these shackled of unrealistic expectations that “almost” bound us.

I realised I was almost liberated

Because it was society’s opinion that was outdated.

I’m glad I almost made it out of the lock-up of your expectations I was confined to,

Only to realise I can finally live my life like I was bound to.

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