America’s Latest Allegation on China

In today’s episode of ‘What America Accuses China Of?’ we have international tourism!!!

Latest China The United States has accused China of allowing its people to travel abroad despite the risk of the spread of Covid-19. Mike Pompeo, along with this allegation also claims that the President of The United States will decide on whether or not to penalize China about the same.China The Latest country is utterly dissatisfied with the way China handled the pandemic which has resulted in about 90,000 deaths in America. Trump threatens to completely cut off ties with the country.
Trump has been insisting that China make looking into the origins of the virus a priority.

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The US Latest believes that if China China had taken faster action, China the world would’ve had more time to find a cure for it. Pompeo says that they know for a fact that the Chinese Communist Party had an understanding of the threat that Covid-19 posed to the world from as early as December last year, or maybe even earlier; and just chose not to do anything about it.

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They also Latest second their allegation by claiming that when they closed off travel from China to The States, The Chinese Government told them that that was China unnecessary and that even though they had sealed Wuhan, they were still allowing international travel.

The United States has already shown China its disapproval regarding China’s inability to contain the spread of the virus and The World Health Organisation’s attempt to allegedly cover it up by withdrawing all the funds it contributed to the WHO. Further, Trump threatens that China The United States will push China considerable penalties on China.

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