Amazon founder to contribute $10 Billion to combat Climate Change

The world’s richest man and founder of Amazon has revealed that he will contribute $10 billion, (which constitutes 7-8 percent of his net worth of $130 billion) from his personal wealth (also confirmed by an Amazon official) to contribute in the world’s battle against climate change.

Bezos notified the world of his novel initiative, known as the Bezos Earth Fund, through an Instagram post where he said that he would start by giving concessions to scientists and organizations dedicated towards this cause this summer season.


I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we Amazon all share“, said Bezos in his post.

The company run by Bezos, Amazon, is largely dependent on fossil fuels to drive ships, planes, and trucks for shipping billions of products worldwide. The company is being criticized harshly by its own workers for the practices it follows, compelling Bezos to do more to fight against climate change.

The company also announced The Climatic Pledge, an initiative to reach net-zero carbon by 2040 which is a decade earlier as stated in the Paris Agreement 2016 in September. After a few months, the company claimed to have ordered Amazon 100,000 electricity-driven vans to facilitate its delivery operations.


Even after being the richest man in the world, Bezos never donated money like others such as Bill Gates for such philanthropic causes until recently. Bezos committed an amount of $2 billion to develop Montessori schools in underdeveloped areas and finance the organizations that helps the homeless in September 2018. The Amazon founder holds more than $100 billion stake in the company which he founded 25 years ago. 

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