All India rank -2, Akanksha Singh scores perfect 720 in her journey towards success

Let’s talk about the journey of Creative hardworking girl, Akansha Singh who is well known for her success and scored all India rank 2 positions in NEET2020 from girls and has scored 720 perfect marks and named herself at the top.

Well, Akansha’s journey is quite inspiring for the students. She has worked hard during her time and the result is what you all are seeing. she is from Kushinagar and used to travel around 70 kilometres daily for her classes, she is the first girl from rural Purvanchal to crack the medical entrance exam and wants to become a doctor and attended Aakash Institute classes for studies she has walked vigorously from 9 a.m. to 10 and from  Delhi branch 11 to 12. Aakansha hailed from Abhinayakpur in Kushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh she has faced many odds and told about there are hardly any few coaching classes available in that district for her classes, her mother used to escort her till the bus stop and while returning from Gorakhpur officials of Akash Institute used to drop her till the bus stand in the city all time.

There is not only one student who was top where Akansha has also scored a perfect one Shoaib Aftab has scored All India rank 1 the main reason of placing behind was because of tie-breaker policy by NEET exam where the candidate older in age will be given preference over the younger one.

Akansha says,” I always wanted to become a doctor and study at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)”  adding more she said about her daily routine that she studied around 10 to 12 hours daily and used to follow all instructions and follow the study material provided by the institute used to listen to some motivational thoughts by Sandeep Maheshwari,  and always used to check online edtech platforms .she  also followed some books by Anurag Mishra IE Irodov for physics, Campbell for biology and use NCERT books for Chemistry even Lockdown period has helped a lot for help preparation y, she got extra time to prepare notes, revise and balance the board exam along with the entrance test.

Akansha future goals:

She aims to pursue research on neurosurgery, she said after completing MBBS, “I plan to take up Research and practice medicine later she was also moved by the role of health practitioners during covid-19 the way Doctors of the phone risking their lives as an inspiration for thousands like you and realised the importance of health worker”.

Father Rajendra Kumar Rao had taken VRS from IAF and her mother is a primary school teacher in the district,  from the last two years have mr.rao is with his family and daughter for full-time and left IAF to be with them and believe in the dreams of her daughter becoming a  doctor.

Akash Chaudhary director and CEO of Aakash Educational system limited(AESL), congratulated and said that “it’s a matter of pride for us that our student has excelled in the highly competitive NEET 2020 entrance exam and credit goes to the hard work of student and support of the parents, teachers and greeted her “All the best ” for the future.

She worked, She glowed,

She is well renowned and topped among the most competitive and toughest exams.

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