Allegations made by Sushant Singh’s father in FIR filed

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left behind a trail of accusations and suspicion. His body was found in his apartment in Mumbai on 14th June 2020. Fans were devastated and many demanded CBI inquiry. Not just the fans many actors raised questions regarding the alleged suicide. While some involved themselves in unearthing the reason behind the drastic step MS Dhoni actor took, some delved in pinpointing people who might have driven him to do the unimaginable.

Actors like Rajat Barmecha and Kangana Ranaut blamed his fallbacks in career and lack of recognition.  The hush topic of Nepotism was also raised by many. Deepika Padukone who herself has had a history of depression took to spreading awareness.

During the police investigation, over 40 people including Mahesh Bhatt, ex-girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and his psychiatrist was cross-questioned by the police and their statements were put in. his psychiatrist claimed he had bipolar disorder. There has been many pieces of evidence that people put forward claiming Sigh was murdered but none of them is proved true.

Very recently, things took a sharp turn when the deceased’ father filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty claiming she had pushed him to the edge.

Fame and Financial irregularities- According to KK Singh, Sushant’s bank balance had Rs 17 crore out of which Rs 15 crore was transferred to accounts that were not related to Sushant at all. He claims Rhea and her family engaged in fraud to steal money off his son. In fact, Rhea was with his son to ensure success in the industry.


Rhea and her family members, Sandhya Chakraborty, Indrajit Chakraborty and Shouvik Chakraborty were also a part of the entire game. They would interfere in Sushant’s life and isolate him more and more from his family. Mr KK Singh claimed that Sushant’s sisters and he himself were not allowed to talk to the late actor.  Rhea took control of his bank accounts and important documents and completely took over life.


Rhea apparently got him treated for mental illness when in reality he did not have any mental illness. It was she who had all the documents.

They manipulated him that his house was haunted and made him shift to a resort near Mumbai Airport where everything was within her control. From staff to security everything was new to Sushant.

She also allegedly brought him to her house and overdosed him with dengue medicines when she was never diagnosed with dengue in the first place, according to Mr KK Singh.


Sushant wanted to quit films and do farming in Coorg. She objected to it and threatened to release his medical reports and spreading the rumour that he is crazy. She even told whoever approached him with films that he will only accept the offer if she was in the lead against her.

Not just that, Sushant allegedly told her sister that he might be framed by Rhea to be an insane person such that he is locked up in a mental asylum.


According to the FIR, on 8th June Rhea left Sushant with all his important documents, credit cards, medical reports, cash, jewellery, and laptop and blocked his number. Perhaps that was equivalent to pushing him over the edge.

Mr KK Singh added that he’s never had any mental issue before 2019, which is when Rhea entered his life.

Disclaimer: – the article is solely based on FIR report filed by Mr. KK Singh

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