Afro-American Under Police Custody Dies In Minnesota

Recently a very horrible act took place in Minnesota which has raised a furor in the United States over the police treatment of African Americans and has agitated the black community in the United States of America(MINNESOTA).

Afro American under police custody dies-NewsORB360

MINNESOTA, A video has recently become viral in which we see four policemen had taken a man George Floyd, an African American under custody for questioning about a non-violent charge but he was treated very inhumanely. One policeman had pressed him on the ground shirtless and placed his knee on his neck which put a lot of pressure on his windpipe due to which he couldn’t breathe and fell unconscious. Later when he was taken to the hospital, it was found out that he choked to his death. Following the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey fired the four policemen responsible for this horrendous act. He even said that the technique that was used by the officers is not permitted and it’s a technique that the officers are not trained in. This has led to calls by the citizens to arrest the officers responsible and charge them with homicide and so The US justice department also guaranteed an investigation into the death. In the video, we could see that Floyd was constantly pleading that the officer to release the pressure on his neck by removing his knee and was shouting to saying that he is unable to breathe but the police officer was mocking and telling him to get up and to get in the car.

Afro American under police custody dies-NewsORB360

Bystanders present on the scene were also constantly asking the officer to remove his hold but the officer didn’t listen and was busy trying to show his supremacy. His death has led to various protests all over the country like the Black Lives Matter movement and has also led to a social media movement around the world asking justice for him.

These acts in the United States show that the rights for which activists like martin Luther king were working went to waste and that African Americans are still not considered equal to the whites. African Americans are detained and are given chokeholds for minor crimes even though they are banned in the united states and are also not given equal economic and social opportunities. Though things have improved but still the complete equality which was the aim of the civil rights movement has not been achieved.

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