Action Comedy Movies You Should Watch

Purely action movies tend to seem overly serious, and movies consisting solely of comedy are often too silly and childish to buy into (there are exceptions of course). If you’re looking for a fun, passive watch, then you should go for the melange between this two, the genre of action-comedy, that’ll kill some time and give you some laughs along the way. Here are some action-comedy movies that you should watch.

The movie has a simple, yet interesting premise, wherein a ragtag duo of policemen attempt to recover India’s top batsman who has been kidnapped two days before the final match between India and Pakistan in Dubai. The two cops make their way across the city, where their clash of styles gets them involved in all sorts of crazy adventures. It’s one of the best action comedies available on Disney+Hotstar, and definitely worth a watch.

Men in Black
This is more of a trilogy of films than just one film, but all of them hold up even today. Basically, there is a secret organisation known as the Men in Black which monitors and polices extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The series follows Agent J (Will Smith), and his senior partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who attempt to maintain the delicate balance of peace between Earth and space. This trilogy has everything, from epic futuristic gun duels and car chases to fart jokes and pop-culture references, and is definitely one of the best movie series in the genre streaming on Prime Video.

Johnny English
Yet another entertaining trilogy of action comedy movies, the Johnny English series attempts to parody famous spy movies such as the James Bond series. Featuring the bumbling, unserious and seemingly incompetent agent Johnny English (played to perfection by Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean fame) of the British spy agency MI5, the series explores his adventures and attempts to thwart the plans of global villains and terrorists in a charming and hilarious fashion. Definitely one of the best series of movies on Prime Video.

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