CORONA WARRIORS, As you embrace normalcy again make sure you acknowledge these heroes who had kept the financial market and financial system running during this lockdown. While most of were luckily were under the same roof with our families, a force of more than 200 personnel from the Reserve Bank of India and financial service providers are holed up in four locations during this lockdown to ensure the smooth functioning of the financial world since PM Narendra Modi announced national lockdown from 23 rd March.

Senior officials of the Reserve Bank of India went into immediate action at the announcement of lockdown 1.0.


A team was constituted comprising officers and technical experts from the IT and telecom sector. The team had the task to ensure that financial services work smoothly without glitches 24×7. The team also had to ensure that digital payment and settlement system was lag-free. Reportedly four teams were constituted with the overall strength of two hundred.

CORONA WARRIORS, According to reports, two such teams are in Mumbai. One such team at a hotel in Mumbai and another one in Khargar, Navi Mumbai. The remaining two teams are in Nagpur and Hyderabad.
These teams are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure continuous operations of core sectors all through the Corona –crisis.

TOI quoted a source in a report stating, “Now we have a team of 200 including service providers from some of the top tech and telecom companies. There are four teams that are responsible for the smooth functioning of the financial system including payments. Apart from the teams in Khargar and Mumbai and there are two more in Nagpur and Hyderabad.”


The source further quoted that this team has senior officers from RBI and all of the 200 members are away from their home and family since the lockdown has been announced. Notably, he stated that all of these members were on a voluntary and all of them were working with their personal consent rather than coercive efforts of their management. He also narrated an instance when they were asked if they wanted to go back to their home after 25 days but all of them almost unanimously rejected the proposal stating that they would like to stay and ensure the uninterrupted working of the financial system. This incident speaks highly of the professionalism of this team and their dedication to there work.

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