Abhay Deol Explains why there’s a problem with “All Lives Matter”

We all know the incident that has caused turmoil in the USA, the George Floyd incident. The activists started a protest #BlackLivesMatter in support of the wrongdoing in the country, then the other part of the society started a counter-movement #AllLivesMatter. Now, does the counter movement actually makes any sense? The #BlackLivesMatter does not suggest that the other lives do not matter; rather, the lives of blacks in the African-American community should be respected and treated equally. The blacks have been treated as slaves for many centuries, the impact of this cannot just vanish in a few years. There has to be trust between both the communities and it has been broken a few times. Hence, the black community needs a special call-out from the citizens around the globe so that they are treated with respect and equality. Bollywood Actor, Abhay Deol supported the #BlacksLivesMatter and told what was wrong with the counter Movement in simple words. He related the situation of the caste system in our country and expressed how it is important to raise our voice for those who need our help at the moment. Take the case of our country, SCs, STs, and OBCs have been considered as “untouchables” by the Brahmin community long time back, but has the impact of that completely disappeared? NO! Not many children of the socially backward classes have come up because of the discrimination their forefathers have faced, they have been living in prejudice and poverty, they fear how they will be treated. This fear will go gradually when trust is gained between the communities. Saying #AllLivesMatter is like going to a hospital and demanding a neurosurgeon when you have only a headache and a person sitting next to you has lost his memory in an accident; and then asking why is he a priority for the doctor? What about me?

The statement “AllLivesMatter” doesn’t make any sense unless “#BlackLivesMatter”!

For those who still think that AllLivesMatter, they should think that the supporters of the never said ONLY black lives matter. Everyone knows that “All Lives Matter” and to achieve that, they are asking you to help them as much as you can so that justice is served and everyone gets to know that it is not fair if you shoot a black person because of his or her skin color. But this is not the time to debate whether any of the movements is racist, it’s about accomplishing our goal for justice! Why are we calling a movement racist, when our fight is against Racism? If you look broadly, both the movements want to achieve a common goal which is – Treating EVERYONE equally, abhay and everyone includes the BLACKS. It is just that, right now The Blacks need special attention from everybody so that people can understand the seriousness of the situation and act on it responsibly.

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