Aarey Forests v/s Metro: A War That Proves ‘Save Environment’ Is A Mere Facade

Aarey Forests, The opening of October brought more melancholy to Mumbai than the everlasting joys of the festivity. While all other cities were celebrating the auspicious Durga puja, Mumbai was stringing between saving Aarey forest and constructing the Mumbai Metro. 


Aarey Forests, This war against the environment is leading to an unshaken disaster that is scaring the entire nation. This incident has only thrown light upon how inhuman; humanity is. 

Let us take you through the traumatizing consequences of the war between Aarey forest and Mumbai Metro. 

A brief about the incident

Recently, the Aarey Forest in Mumbai was taken under construction to build the Mumbai Metro. To carry forward this purpose, it was estimated that 2,200 trees would be cut in the forest while only 469 shall be restored. 


This situation did not just ignite a fire in the minds of the people of Aarey colony but the whole of Mumbai altogether. People started protesting against this act on the streets of the forest. Their unshaken efforts to save the environment was inspiring yet heart-breaking. Well, the irony is the people behind this treacherous act are also living in the shelter of this environment.  


The forest which was once a 3000-acre green land was reduced to 1300 overtime. This blind cutting of the forest into a green patch was a grave signal for the Mumbaikars against the environment but it seems like they hardly have a say alone. 

A fading sign of humanity

The pollution in Mumbai is a major problem for the city. People all across have been suffering from grave conditions and the ever-rising heat is becoming unbearable. Yet, the fact that the government authorized the construction of Mumbai Metro into the forest, seemed unimaginably miserable. 


With 2000 trees being cut, the city was silenced by the pretentious attitude of the government that preached methods to safeguard the world. 

“Citizens started forming ‘longest human chain’ around the barricaded site for Metro 3 carshed in #Aarey . People are protesting proposed cutting of over 2600 trees in Aarey for carshed.” Tweeted Laxman Singh as he unravelled the atrocious attempts to save the forest along with other protestors. 

The severe droughts, degrading climatic conditions and an abode of plastics are a few of the ‘fruitful’ results of such daunting behaviour. Indeed, the cut down of these trees has created a buzz of horror in Mumbai. 

Protestors till the end: Enough said!
Both the government and the Bombay High Court support the act of cutting down the trees which clearly highlights their careless attitude towards our diminishing environment. However, it was the protestors who decided to step forward and rebel against this misery. 

Several protestors formed a union to safeguard Aarey forests. Many Mumbaikars formed a humongous chain to barricade the metro supporters to enter into the forest vicinity. An activist from the same group of protestors was observed hugging a tree to prevent it from being cut down. 


Those who could not physically present themselves to the incident did not sit back either. The social media rose from its silence and busted out its rage against this sin. An array of online protestors stood up with bold tweets and shares. 

Tree No 199, a number they gave me before they chopped me down. Said I came in the way of progress. Wasn’t I doing my bit for the progress of the planet as a whole? They came millions of years after those of my kind. Now they claim the planet is theirs.#SaveAarey #AareyForest”, tweeted The Green Saviours in protest of the movement. 

An unprecedented fall
While nothing could quiver the butchers from cutting down the trees that were authorized, it is clear that saving the world is far from happening. Amongst a dozen arrests of innocent people who were only trying to save the environment and inspire the world to do the same, the government seems deafened. 

It is shocking how on one side the government is speaking of safeguarding the environment while on the other side they are authorizing all acts against it. 

On realizing the hypocritic attitude in the Aarey incident, even famous celebrities stood up to combat the problem and protest for a cause. 

“Cutting trees at night is a pathetic attempt at trying to get away with something even those doing it know is wrong. #Aarey #GreenIsGold #Mumbai”, tweeted Farhan Akhtar. 

In this war, humanity lost along with the environment. 

And as a citizen of this planet, I am ashamed of it!

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