A Wonder pill and its side effects –“High” Review

Ever thought that the green pill that is giving shocks to the Narcotics Control bureau can actually increase the ratings of web series and television channels, and what is that which is not normal in this series?

The Series starring Akshay Oberoi, Ranvir Shorey, Mrinmayee Godbole, Shweta Basu Prasad and Kunal Naik. It is created by Nikhil Rao and available on MX player. Mx player is also giving serious competitions to other OTT platforms.

The mother of all weed and the major substance of the series “Maal” which liberates the consumers from addiction, instead of wiping the sense it helps people to be alert and stay in its conscious. It is a little different from Nikhil Rao’s other web series for MX player. The medical pill is a saviour instead of a dangerous item which can kill somebody. To blow Shiv’s mind (Akshay Oberoi), the scientists Roy and his juniors Shweta and Nakul have perfected an unapproved compound.

Unlike the Breaking bad and Narcotics Traffickers, these scientists are out of their league. But somehow this is what they tend to become. To release Roy from Huge debt Shiv proposed this idea that they can actually sell the magical pill in the market, they can launch it as a saviour looking at its huge demand. But entering the big market also results in consequences. For example: clashing with the establishment, dealing with opposition dealers, giving the scoop to the journalists, annoying the giant lord of Mumbai and many more breathtaking events which build the story forward.

Each episode is interesting in its own way, the series is mostly shot in Mumbai. All nine episodes start with the flashback (the discovery of a plant) which signifies Magic, Magic is the essence of this series. Talking about the cast; each actor is fit in t’s role. Ranvir Shorey has given the satisfying performance which keeps the viewer’s hook with each episode. Akshay Oberoi has put all his efforts and portrayed as an unusual hero but being the central character at some places he causes distractions as well. Ashima has given us some real Journalism goals, with her witty statements and solid confrontations she has left a mark behind her acting skills.

The world within that bubble is created very smartly by Nikhil Rao and its team, the cinematographers have played a remarkable role in making fiction seems real. Among many scripts revolves around the same plot this series surely deserves your attention and you won’t regret watching his series at one go. Enjoy watching.

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