A perfect relationship is a myth but here’s how you can have a happy one

The course of any relationship can be quite grueling at times. To balance all the anxieties, differences and to have a healthy relationship, both parties must be equally involved. The basic qualities to judge the healthiness of any relationship is to look for the amount of love, affection, and care that the people involved, have for each other.

Talk it out!
The pillars of strength of any relationship are loyalty and trust. Both the partners should be vocal about their feelings otherwise there are high chances for any relationship to become suffocating and eventually it will dissolve.


Be the other half of a complete relationship
To embrace a happily ever after, you need to complement your partner. You don’t have to be better-half, but the other half who is equal, just as they say “two become one”. Both should have a sense of cooperation inside them. Communication is the cure to any scuffle but cooperation is the prevention for those. Talk, listen, cooperate – believe me, it’s not as difficult as you think.


Live your best life
There are some marriages where the love between the couple starts to fade after a few years. In such cases, instead of sitting in despair, pick the most romantic place in town, and sneak out with your partner. It always energizes the mood, acts as refreshment and puts you back on track!

Respect your partner
The acceptance between couples for one another is of utmost importance. Honour and respect their partners and at least given them the benefit of doubt in compromised scenarios. Don’t hesitate to apologize if your partner is hurt or angry. There’s a thin line between ego and self-respect. You cannot be on either side of it.


Believe that it’s not a fairytale
A relationship is not a walk in the park. It sure has all the smell of the roses and the dancing in the open, but along with it comes all the rain too. To bear the rain, you require some serious commitment, dedication and a love that’s never going to give up!

Once again, a perfect relationship is a myth but you surely can make a happy one.

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