The complete replacement of traditional classrooms to virtual ones is anticipated but no one’s quite sure about it. What’s certain is virtual classrooms becoming a part of our daily lives and, maybe not a replacement, but a supplement to traditional methods of teaching. As parents, adjusting to new methods of education might be a bigger issue for you as you are possibly working from home and dealing with everything online. Here are some tips that could help you prepare for the upcoming times.

  • Being Tech-happy-Integration of technology into education is the need of the hour. It’s recommended that all parents and children familiarize themselves with the technical stuff related to learning virtually. Several online platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, Skillshare, Khan Academy etc. are at your disposal, it’s better to encourage your child to sign up for courses and online learning at these apps. It will be even better if you choose options for them and be a part of the learning. Also, you’ll have to keep track of WiFi or data usage so that your child’s learning and your office work can proceed parallelly.
  • Clarify with your manager-Invest time in having a clear conversation with your manager regarding your roles as a parent and a work-from-home employee. Discuss the possibilities when your child might have an off but you don’t. Prove yourself as an expert communicator and believer of resolution. If you’re involved in building and leading a team, you really need to focus on compassion and allocate people (especially other parents) in a better way.
  • Take turns in parenting with your partner-As you clarify your schedule with your boss or colleagues, it’s important for you to sort out such timings with your parenting partner as well. You need to demarcate timings and days we’ll so that anyone one of you is available for your child if he or she has a problem. You and your parenting partner must accommodate your child’s virtual learning demands in your schedule.
  • Dedicated and appropriate workspace- Just like your child, you need to immerse yourself with your job and for boosting your concentration, a dedicated workspace is extremely important. Within a space crunch, you have to take turns with your child in utilizing the space and set clear timelines as to when can your child approach you (if at all), when you’re working. Also, your workspace should be appropriate and to have office vibes, it must have required stationary, proper lights and network etc.
  • Proper Breaks-A blessing in disguise, this lockdown has encouraged increased bonding between families. Amidst your work and your child’s study, it’s important to take proper breaks and talk to your family about everything needed. This gives you more enthusiasm to go back to work and your child, to study.
  • Psychological well being- With the stress of online classes and being fixed at our houses, many people, especially children are suffering from psychological issues. It’s the perfect time to discuss mental health with your child.

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